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Contract Cancellation

Contract Cancellation


We're sorry that you have decided to end your link to Maori Music Publishing.

NOTE : Unless you are a writer-member of a Performing Rights Organisation, or are transferring to another publisher, cancelling publishing arrangements may be detrimental to your interests.

If you are certain that you have made adequate provision to replace all the benefits shown below, complete the Contract Cancellation Form and we'll see to the rest:-


  • Worldwide Royalty Recoveries
  • No upfront fees
  • 80% paid on all royalties
  • Live & Broadcast royalty recoveries
  • Mechanical royalty recoveries
  • PPL / Neighbouring rights recoveries
  • Digital royalty recoveries
  • YouTube royalty recoveries
  • Bonus payments for referrals
  • Several advance options
  • Prompt, quarterly accounting
  • Music promoted for Sync use
  • Non-exclusive publishing contracts
  • Your copyrights retained at all times

NOTES : Completion of this form constitutes the required 28 days notice for us to remove our name and interest from all previously registered titles with PRS For Music, as outlined in our Standard Terms & Conditions, after which you will be able to administer these titles yourself or assign them to another publisher.
If you are a writer-member of another International Performing Rights Organisation you will need to make any relevant changes to any registrations yourself in order to fully re-assign all titles.

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