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Live Performance Royalty Claims

Live Claims


All venues that hold "live" gigs / concerts / festivals etc., are licenced to do so.
This licence fee goes towards paying royalties to the composers of the songs performed at these venues, even at "open mic" nights or within DJ "live" Sets.

You are due royalties from every licenced venue you have played, whether you were paid to perform or not and whether it was a ticketed or free event, dating back a maximum of:-

  • 1 Year : (UK Gig / Event / Residency)
  • 2 Years : (All FOREIGN Venues)
  • 2 Years : (UK Festivals)
  • 2 Years : (UK Theatrical / Drama)
  • 7 Years : (UK Concerts)

Place claims using the appropriate CLAIM FORM

UK Gigs / Concerts / Festivals UK Residencies

UK Spoken Word Events UK Theatrical / Drama

FOREIGN - Live Claims

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