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As we control all master recording and publishing rights on our entire catalogue we can release them for use by you immediately.

Tracks are available for these projects - all rates negotiable.
(Contact us if your project type is not listed).

Audio Projects£ 50
Background Music Systems£ 45
Corporate CD / DVD£ 10
Documentary / Indie / Student Film£ 85
Feature Film£ 165
Games and Software£ 415
Internet Website / Webisode / Flash£ 10
Live Events : Corporate / Theatre / Competitions£ 20
Music Compilation (CD / DVD / PC Audio)£ 95
Music Compilation (Digital Download)£ 25
Musical Theatre Productions (Grand Rights)£ 175
Products and Toys£ 90
Public Space (Restaurants, Trade Shows, Retail Spaces£ 20
Radio Advertising / Production£ 175
Sampling, Remixes, Covers and Derivative Works£ 25
Slide Show / PowerPoint Presentation£ 25
Software - Multimedia (any use other than games)£ 75
Telephony / Music On Hold£ 40
TV Advertising£ 310
TV Show£ 195
Video (Music for Video / DVD / CD-ROM - Non Profit)£ 15
Video (Wedding / Celebration Videos - For Profit)£ 50

License the track/s you want directly with our Online Licencing System.

Quick Licence

Alternatively, please email us with full details of the project you have in mind as we are always happy to negotiate individual licencing deals to match your own particular requirements.

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