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Are You A Songwriter But Not A Performer?


Maori Music Publishing has over 30 years experience in handling and promoting songs in all genres.

Whilst we operate most effectively with self-contained acts (i.e. those who both write and perform their own original compositions), we can also help independent songwriters / songwriting teams who may have used session musicians to record their tracks in presenting their compositions.

To do this, you will need a professional sounding recording of your completed song/s (no "live" or lo-fi recordings please) of which you have full ownership (of both the composition and the master recording), a copy of the lyrics (in MS-Docx or plain TXT format) and ideally a manuscript (sheet music) version of the song in PDF Format.

We can then handle publishing administration for you and even promote your song/s for use in Film, TV and Media Projects (Sync Promo) - see Collaborations below.
New applicants can fast-track their music for Sync Promo and subsequently submit other tracks at any time.
By providing a manuscript version, we can even look to get your songs "covered" by other Artistes.
NOTE : We regret that we cannot accept applications from sole LYRICISTS as we cannot effectively promote your work and do not "match up" lyricists with composers.


If you work with a regular songwriting partner or team of songwriters, then all of the above benefits apply to you as well.
If members of the team are writer-members of a Performing Rights Organisation (PRO) such as PRS, BMI, ASCAP etc., then we will arrange for their full writer's royalties plus their share of publisher's royalties to be paid to them directly within their PRO's regular distributon schedule.
Otherwise, all royalties will be paid out to the main point of contact within the team (usually the first- named songwriter) for appropriate onward distribution.
All songwriters receive our usual 80/20 "split" of royalties in their favour.
Create an identifying name for your songwriting team and enter it in the Band / Act Name section of our Sign Up Application Form.


If you are writing occasionally with lyricists or composers who are not part of your regular songwriting team (e.g across the Internet) then, for your own benefit, we recommend that you create and send us a SPLIT SHEET with all relevant track and songwriters details, showing your agreed "split" of all royalties.
Please note that we must represent all songwriters to consider your material for Sync Promo purposes.

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NOTE : If you are not based in UK then you must be a writer-member of a Performing Rights Organisation for us to accept your application.

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With us you're a name, not a number!

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