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MANAGERS / LABELS who facilitate the signing up of any Band / Act from their roster can qualify for a £ 10.00 referral bonus (subject to meeting the qualification requirement shown below).

Alternatively, if you've been happy with how we handle publishing administration for you, either as a MANAGEMENT COMPANY, RECORD LABEL or individual BAND / ACT then please refer us to any other Band / Act based in the UK, The Bahamas, Cyprus, Gibraltar or Malta that you know personally and who could benefit from working with us, we'll see to the rest!

If referred Bands / Acts want us to handle their full unassigned catalogue and submit a "live" performance claim within one month after signing up, then we'll pay you a referral bonus of £ 10.00 per Band / Act in our next performance royalty distribution!

This is the only way to qualify for a referral bonus!

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