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Advance Options

Advance Options



MAORI MUSIC is able to offer new UK clients a choice from the following ADVANCE options:-

  • A CASH ADVANCE of £100 or 50% (whichever is the greater) of the estimated value of their first performance royalty claim for 20 or more licensed live UK Gig / Event performances.
  • A DIGITAL SINGLE / EP / ALBUM released Worldwide on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc., through our label, CONFIDENTIAL RECORDS for TWO years.
    (Subject to our label release schedule/s)
  • Fifty CD SINGLES with full colour labels in clear plastic wallets, for sale or promotional use.
Minimum Requirements
You must meet the following criteria:-

(a) Applicants must be UK-based registrant/s, with MAORI MUSIC handling administration of their full song catalogue.
(b) New Applicants must have performed their original material "live" on a minimum of 20 occasions at licensed UK Gigs / Events / Residencies during the past 12 months.
(c) New clients have a maximum period of TEN working days from the date of their initial application to meet the appropriate requirements outlined for any Advance Option, or a period set by us, after which the option to apply for any initial Advance Option will lapse.
We regret these options are not applicable to PRO Member clients.

For full qualifying requirements see the full Terms & Conditions of ADVANCE


Simply select the required option on your respective SIGN UP form and submit your Live Claim Form within 10 working days.


    Most claims take several months to fully process.
    We offer established clients who have been with us for at least one year the unique option of an immediate LIVE PERFORMANCE CASH ADVANCE worth 50% of the estimated value of the claim on all claims for over TEN performances to reduce the waiting time for royalty payments from licensed UK Gigs / Events / Residencies.
    You must not have any titles published elsewhere or be a PRO Writer-Member.
    The minimum live performance advance for any Band / Act is £20.
    The maximum cumulative live performance advance for any Band / Act is £500.
    Please note that no Advances can be made within three weeks prior to any quarterly distribution date (APR / JUL / OCT / DEC).

    Established clients who have been with us for at least one year can also apply for various FURTHER ADVANCES as shown below.
    We regret these options are not applicable to PRO Member clients.


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