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YouTube Royalty Claims

You can be paid royalties if your music is on YouTube in either official music videos, fan-created videos, uploaded "live" performance videos or even just in "stills" that use your music as a backing track or soundtrack.

All Foreign Claims

If you've ever played "live" outside of the UK, or your music has been broadcast on Foreign Radio / TV stations then you've probably earned royalties from this.

PPL / Neighbouring Rights Claims

We automatically claim for any due Neighbouring Rights on music released through Confidential Records or your own label by registering your recordings with the PPL in the UK and collecting any royalties generated on your behalf.

Mechanical Claims


Although Mechanical Claims are primarily oriented to royalty income from the manufacture of CDs / Vinyl Records / Cassettes etc., it also covers any music that is rendered mechanically; that is, without human performers and also to system transfers undertaken by broadcasters and streaming outlets.

Most UK Mechanical Royalties are processed automatically.

You can manually claim mechanical royalties if your music has been featured on a UK magazine cover disc, a compilation album or if your music has been officially released on CD, DVD, Vinyl or even Cassette in the UK through a recognised major or independent record label.



NOTE : You cannot claim for DIGITAL / DOWNLOAD releases.

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