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Live Performance Royalty Claims

Live Claims


All venues that hold "live" gigs / concerts / festivals etc., are officially licenced to do so.
This licence fee goes towards paying royalties to the composers of the songs performed at these venues, even at "open mic" nights or within DJ "live" Sets.
We recommend that you always use a suitable Booking Contract for all engagements.

You are due royalties from every licenced venue you have played, whether you were paid to perform or not and whether it was a ticketed or free event, dating back a maximum of:-

  • 1 Year : (UK Gig / Event / Residency)
  • 2 Years : (UK Theatrical / Drama)
  • 2 Years : (All FOREIGN Venues)
  • 2 Years : (UK Festivals)
  • 3 Years : (UK Concerts)
We recommend that all clients submit regular "live" claims, either monthly or quarterly depending on work schedules.
NOTE : MAJOR LIVE CLAIMS must be made before the concert / tour starts.

Most claims take several months to fully process.
We offer established clients who have been with us for at least one year the unique option of an immediate CASH ADVANCE of 50% of the estimated value of their claim, to reduce the waiting time for royalty payments from UK Gigs / Events / Residencies on all claims for over TEN performances.
We regret that live advance options are not applicable to PRO Member applicants and you must not have any titles published elsewhere.

Live Cash Advance TACS


UK Gigs / Concerts / Festivals UK Residencies

UK Spoken Word Events UK Theatrical / Drama

MAJOR Live Claims FOREIGN - Live Claims

Stringent checks are made on all "live" claims, meaning that sometimes they take longer to process and occasionally we may require supporting documentation (Engagement Contracts, Flyers etc).

To speed things up, please ensure the following:-
  • All set-list titles have been previously registered with us
    (New titles will be registered automatically, but this can delay your claims being processed)
  • Set-lists and song durations are current and accurate
  • Include fullest possible details of each venue
  • Ensure you claim for the correct category
    (Gig / Concert / Festival / Foreign)
  • No private gigs can be claimed
  • No busking sessions can be claimed
    (Except for authorised London Underground pitches)
  • Royalties can vary depending on performance duration and Headline / Support status
  • NB : All claims are paid at PRO discretion
If this sounds just like too much hard work, or you just don't like filling in forms, then why not place a QUICK CLAIM and let us do all the form-filling for you?

UK Live Claims ONLY

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