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PPL is a society that collects royalties for master recording rights holders and performers on a recording rather than for the songwriter/s and royalties can be generated whenever the master recording is used on TV, Radio & many other outlets.

PPL Royalties are often termed Neighbouring Rights Royalties and can be administered for you through our label, Confidential Records, in conjunction with Maori Music.
For Foreign releases (other than digital releases) we may opt to work through our network of sub- publishers to recover any Neigbouring Rights royalties due to you.
Many of our various claims and registration forms can automatically make PPL registrations on individual titles for you.

If your SINGLE, EP, ALBUM or VIDEO was released by a third-party record label then it is usually their responsibility to ensure that your PPL registrations are correctly made.
If you are a sole performer and a member of the PPL yourself, then it is usually your responsibility to ensure that your PPL registrations are correctly made.
If your release is already registered with PPL it is not necessary to register it through us as well.

Otherwise, if you're an Indie Label or you've released your own music on your own DIY Label / Imprint then we can do that for you!

Contributing Performers can include contributing artists, background singers & session musicians as well as sound engineers, producers etc., and you will receive the combined "performer's share" (50%) to be divided equally between them.
If a specific percentage division for performers is required, please email us with the exact details.
Confidential Records retains the "rightsholder's share" (50%).

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