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Publishing Administration for Spoken Word or Performance Artists does not involve physical (printed) publication of their work, but rather the recovery of royalties from recordings and soundtracks as well as your "live" performances.

If your performance contains original musical content or is substantively rhythmic / melodic in delivery (similar to "a cappella" song performances) then we can work with you.
Performances must take place at venues licenced with the PRS and/or PPL for general entertainment purposes.

Whilst Maori Music Publishing is primarily associated with the music community, a growing part of our client base is made up spoken word / performance artists.

NOTE : If you are not based in UK then you must be a writer-member of a Performing Rights Organisation for us to accept your application.

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ADVANCE OPTION : We can offer qualifying new UK clients the following ADVANCE option:-
We regret that advances are not applicable to PRO Member or International applicants
  • Immediate Cash Advance
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