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If you're considering releasing your own music on your own Record Label / Imprint (or may have already done so), you'll realise just how much work can be involved!

If you're releasing other people's music, then complete the INDIE LABEL Registration Form.

The special benefits of working with Maori Music Publishing are:-

  • No sign up / upfront fees
  • Royalties are recovered Worldwide
  • We pay you 80% of all royalties
  • Live & Broadcast royalty recovery
  • YouTube royalty recovery
  • We can pay your MCPS AP2 Fees
  • PPL Registration Services
  • Music can be submitted for Sync Promo
  • Unique advance options
  • Prompt, monthly accounting
  • Non-exclusive contracts
  • Digital Distribution Services
  • CD Manufacturing Services
  • Recording Studio Services
  • Clients always keep their copyrights
  • Cancellation on just 28 days notice
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