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Royalty Collection Services

Mechanical Royalty Claims

You may be due royalties if you've ever been featured on a cover disc or a compilation album or if your music has been officially released on CD, Vinyl, DVD, VHS or even Cassette

All Foreign Claims

If you've ever played "live" outside of the UK, or your music has been broadcast on Foreign Radio / TV stations then you've probably earned royalties from this

PPL / Neighbouring Rights Claims

We automatically claim for any due Neighbouring Rights on music released through Confidential Records or your own label by registering your recordings with the PPL in the UK and collecting any royalties generated on your behalf


Standard Terms & Conditions

YouTube Claims


YouTube is a source of long-term revenue and is the largest music streaming platform in the world.
Maori Music ensures that you're collecting the maximum amount of income from YouTube by recovering money due from all YouTube Videos featuring your music.

These can include :

  • Official music videos
  • Fan-created videos
  • "Live" performance videos
  • Corporate videos
  • "Stills" videos using music as a soundtrack

NOTE : We can only accept claims for a minimum of 25,000 "plays" per song / track, after which we will automatically monitor activity for you.
(Multiple links to the same song / track may be included)
Lower claims will not be accepted.

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