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If you are a self-managed Band / Act then use the standard SIGN UP Application Form.

If you're a MANAGER representing multiple Bands / Acts, then the special benefits of working with Maori Music Publishing are:-

  • No sign up / upfront fees
  • Royalties can be paid directly to the Manager (UK Only)
  • Royalties are recovered Worldwide
  • We pay you 80% of all royalties
  • Live / Broadcast / Digital royalty recovery
  • PPL Registration Services
  • Music can be submitted for Sync Promo
  • Prompt, monthly accounting
  • Non-exclusive contracts
  • Digital Distribution Advice
  • Product Manufacturing Advice
  • Cancellation on just 28 days notice
NOTE : If the Bands you Manage you are not based in UK then their songwriter/s must be writer- members of a Performing Rights Organisation for us to accept your application.

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