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Your release will need a Barcode if you want many local stores or online outlets to stock it.
You will also need a valid Barcode number in order to register for PPL / Neighbouring Rights.

The Barcodes we provide are licenced from GS1 (US) and are 100% compatible with all Barcode systems in retail stores across the World and have never been rejected by any retailer.
NOTE : It is recommended that different formats (ie. CD / Vinyl / Cassette) have separate BARCODE numbers for accounting / stock-control purposes.

There are two widely-used Barcode types:-
EAN Barcode : (13 digits for use especially in the UK and Europe)
UPC Barcode : (12 digits for use in the USA and Canada)

  • Receive EAN and UPC Barcodes at no extra cost
  • Barcodes are provided as .jpg files for printing purposes
  • No Renewal Fees, Annual Fees or Membership Charges
  • All Barcodes are VERIFIED and YOURS FOREVER
  • Hundreds of potential uses
  • Accepted by Online & Offline Retailers WORLDWIDE
  • BARCODES are suitable for all Audio / Video formats
  • BARCODES identify the product, not the retail price
  • ISRC CODES can be issued separately if required
  • Prompt order processing
  • Use INSTANTLY on Amazon / eBay / Bandcamp etc
  • Official Charts Company registrations are your responsibility


When releasing Physical or Digital releases your songs require ISRC Codes (International Standard Recording Codes).
ISRC Codes identify individual tracks rather than a whole product (ie. single / ep / album) and assist in the correct allocation of royalties from PPL etc.
These can also be used on your Bandcamp / Soundcloud Repost sites etc.


Another number sometimes used to identify works is an ISWC Number (International Standard Musical Work Code).
The allocation of ISWC Numbers is managed by the ISWC Network, so I regret that we can't issue these and don´t have any control over when these numbers are allocated to any registered work.

BARCODE / ISRC services are free for all UK Maori Music Publishing clients, but we can provide them for our International clients and any non-clients too, at nominal cost.

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